Research that has been made possible from support by those that believe mental heath and the way it is practice and perceived must change.

Largest Brain Study of 62,454 Scans Identifies Drivers of Brain Aging…

Gender-Based Cerebral Perfusion Differences in 46,034 Functional Neuroimaging Scans

Deficits in Regional Cerebral Blood flow on Brain SPECT Predict Treatment Resistant Depression

Elevated BMI is associated with decreased blood flow in the prefrontal cortex using SPECT imaging in healthy adults.

Reversing brain damage in former NFL players: implications for traumatic brain injury and substance abuse rehabilitation.

Clinical utility of SPECT neuroimaging in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury: a systematic review.

Classification of Depression, Cognitive Disorders, and Co-Morbid Depression and Cognitive Disorders with Perfusion SPECT Neuroimaging.

Discriminative Properties of Hippocampal Hypoperfusion in Marijuana Users Compared to Healthy Controls: Implications for Marijuana Administration in Alzheimer’s Dementia.

Functional Neuroimaging Distinguishes Posttraumatic Stress Disorder from Traumatic Brain Injury in Focused and Large Community Datasets.

Multi-site six month outcome study of complex psychiatric patients evaluated with addition of brain SPECT imaging


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